Almonds / Badam (Raw) 500g


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Almonds / Badam (Raw) 500g

‘Badam’ is the Hindi name of ‘Almonds’. It is not exactly a nut but it is a seed. They are found in North America, West Asia, and the Mediterranean initially. Badam is an edible woody seed. The almond fruit is a drupe that consists of an outer hull and an inner hard shell with the seed inside it. This seed inside is not the real nut. The shell needs to be removed to take out the seeds. Almonds are available with and without shells. There are blanched almonds that are just heated in hot water to make their outer shell softer to break them open. The seed inside is the white embryo. Almond is the world’s most nutritious nuts. They are known for their multiple numbers of health benefits. They are used in different ways. These nuts are the pack of proteins, fibers, calcium, zinc, and antioxidants. There are a number of ways through which badam can be consumed. For example badam flour, badam milk, badam syrup, etc. They are recommended by the doctors to be had on a daily basis for a healthy life. They are very beneficial for child growth. It is said that badam must be had after soaking in water for hours. There are different varieties of badam available in the market. This is the best quality that is cultivated with high care. This badams are cultivated for eating on a daily basis. They are processed carefully and packed in the best possible manner for better shelf life.

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