Kabuli Chana / Chick Peas 500 g


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Chick Peas/Kabuli Chana 500 g
Chick Peas/Kabuli Chana is a legume cultivated for their health benefits. They are known as Kabuli Chana because they are found to be from Kabul, Afghanistan. They are lighter in colour as compared to other grams. They also have lighter and softer skin or covering that is easy to be peeled on cooking. They are used for making different varieties of dishes. The main use of chickpeas in India is to make chole. Chole is a curry made with selected spices and chickpeas boiled together. They are made into darker colour by adding a bag of black tea while they are cooked. The darker colour looks yummier than the light coloured chickpeas. They are also used to be boiled and fried in oil with mustard and curry leaves and they are served as a snack with tea or coffee. They softness, when cooked, makes then a mouthwatering dish. They have a good amount of protein content in them. Therefore it is a good food for the people who are pure vegetarian. They are also used for making their flours for different purposes. Due to their health benefits, they are recommended to be had on a daily basis. It is said that they improve the brain functioning. They are soaked in water, then tied in a linen cloth for sprouting them. These sprouted chickpeas are good for brain, skin and eyes health. These chickpeas are selected individually for the best seeds without any damage or infection. These chickpeas are found in green pods. A single pod contains a single gram. They are also consumed when young and immature. The immature gram tastes sweeter.

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